Meditation &

8 week course - for a fearless and joyful life

In this course you can gain deep insights and answers to life's most important questions. With wisdom and meditation, you can gradually understand yourself for who you really are, be relieved from anxieties and worries - and experience deep peace, happiness and meaning in your life ☀️

Get insights into timeless wisdom
🌿 Who am I, really? How to get to know myself on a deeper level and find out what is the meaning of my life?
🌿 Why my mind can be experienced as an enemy, and how to deal with thoughts, desires and feelings
🌿 Why are people so different? The three psychological influencing forces in the material world and how they affect our life and choices
🌿 Understand karma and reincarnation – it is our choice whether we develop a higher or lower state of consciousness
🌿 A map of all spiritual processes and their 3 unique 'destinations' – there are many paths, but what is the goal?
🌿 A lifestyle of self development – with practical measures for everyday life that we can take to develop ourselves spiritually and achieve the goal of life

Watch meaningful documentaries
🟠 Who Am I?
Have you perhaps had a feeling that you want to travel to 'find myself' wondered about 'who am I really?' This is a documentary about our true identity.
🟠 Near Death Experiences Studies
Most scientists claim that consciousness is only a product of brain activity - but is this true? In near-death experiences, many say they were conscious outside their own body even when the body was declared clinically dead.
🟠 Full, yet still empty?
We find happiness on different levels; via the senses, the mind, the intellect, etc. But still, many feel empty inside - why? Is there another form of happiness which is longlasting and deeply satisfiying?
🟠 Memories of past lives
There are many people who claim to have memories of their past lives, and there is a lot of research from as far back as the 1950s on this topic. Let's see what today's science has to say about reincarnation.

Experience the benefits of meditation | Learn simple, yet effective mantra meditation
✨ Pranayama – meditation with deep breathing
✨ Japa meditation – engaging the senses in meditation to control the mind
✨ Kirtan music mediation – enables us to fully taste the deep joy we are really looking for.

Practical info ℹ️
Cost: Free
Where: Erling Skakkes gt. 3, 2nd floor
When: 2 courses that run in parallel over 8 weeks (either in Norwegian or English)
- Starting 20 & 21 August 2023
- The courses last from 17:30 to about 19:30
- There will be no courses on 27 & 28 August and 10 & 11 September. Also, we are organizing a retreat here in Trondheim from 6 - 11 October, so no courses during that time.

🤔 Do you have any questions?
Please contact me (Kristian) on or 975 24 299

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